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We had an absolutely great time for our awards dinner on Sunday night! Chef Robert Velarde, great meal, and a huge thank you to Chef Trent Anderson and the Medina Entertainment Center crew for a great evening!

Awards given out during the evening:

Chef of the Year, given by Rancher's Legacy Meat Co. - Chef Daniel Cleary

C.H.E.F. Award - Chef Trent Anderson

Steady Eddie Award - Chef Patrick Conway

Little Oscar Award - Rancher's Legacy Meat Co.

M.V.C. - Chef Keith Huffman

Unsung Hero Award - Chef Tim Nelson

Impact Player Award - Chef Luke Siedow

Chairman of the Board Awards - Chefs Daniel Vasterling, Virgil Emmert, Trent Anderson, Aaron Kneeland

Educator of the Year Awards - Chef Instructors Denny Cowen and Gretchen Anne Steinhoff Dorn

CHEFFY Award (Formerly Hans Gilgen "Member of the Year") - Aaron Kneeland

Student Chef of the Year, given by American Fish & Seafood - Jeremiah Lanes

Scholarships awarded:

On behalf of CMD Celebration, Shelley Lueck

On behalf of Maple Leaf Farms, Victoria Morgan

On behalf of Bix Produce, Sofia Dzyubanyuk

On behalf of Compart Family Farms, Mickey Cupkie

On behalf of Reinhart Foodservice, Nick Lentz

On behalf of the Toby Landgraf Foundation - Matthew Cupkie, Emily Pollock, Shelley Lueck, Jeremiah Lanes, Victoria Morgan, Sofia Dzyubanyuk, Nick Lentz, Mickela Cupkie, Mickey Cupkie

The new board is now:

Treasurer - Chef Virgil Emmert

Secretary - Chef Robert Velarde

Vice-President - Chef Daniel Cleary

President - Chef Gary Hjellming

A huge THANK YOU!!! to all the vendors that have helped us this year with product, meeting spaces, and scholarships. We are grateful to be able to partner with you!

Thank you all for your continued support of the Minneapolis Chef's Chapter. We are looking forward to a great 2017!

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