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Chapter Guidelines for Kid’s Café

  1. It is the responsibility of the Volunteer Chefs to procure meal items to prepare their planned menu. Use your resources and the club to help. Chef and Child Chairperson, Chef Patrick Conway, is available to help and can be reached at or 612-207-8683. Or you can reach out to Chef Donyelle Williams at (952)-926-2600 ext. 2518 or at Kay Guidarelli,  
  2.  You are preparing a meal for approximately 45-50 people, this is not only for the children within the program, but also volunteers as well. You will have children volunteers ages 5-13, please be prepared for that. They may not always be available, just communicate with Chef Donnie to be aware. The kids are willing to learn, just be patient and aware of them within the kitchen. Prepare for anything and expect everything when it comes to children.
  3.  Please have your menu prepared 7-10 days before your event and available to present to Chef Donnie and Chef Conway. Perspectives provides milk and all disposables needed. They also have a limited pantry that can be used. i.e. salt, spices, oil etc. This is to insure the kids are getting a nutritional meal by the federal guidelines she has to follow. Leave a message if she is not in and she will return your call as soon as possible. USDA guidelines can be found here
  4. Keep all receipts as Chef Donnie will give you an in-kind donation form to fill out. This is a necessary step, so Chef Donnie and Kids Café can continue to get the funding they need to operate. It also helps keep the ACF informed of donations from Chefs and vendors alike for recognition. As a Guest Chef to Kids café you are helping a great cause while representing the ACFMCC and we fully support your decision to volunteer!
  5. Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, all meals are served in reusable Togo containers and meals should be ready by 4 pm
  6. Ethnic, Holiday, even themed meals are welcome but not necessary. It’s up to you, the Guest Chef, to decide what you’d like to prepare.
  7. Allergy restrictions will be expressed through Chef Donnie or Chef Patrick for the few students that have them. Keep in mind this is a diverse group of individuals and they will also have religious, ethnic and personal choices for food, and NO pork is to be served. Chef Donnie will have more direct information. This is why you should have a menu ready at the minimum of a week in advance.
  8. If for any reason you are unable to attend the scheduled day that you chose to volunteer for please contact Chef Patrick , immediately either by phone 612-207-8683 , or if you must, email also works
  9. I will do my best to find a replacement but PLEASE DO NOT wait until the day prior to your schedule-d date you signed up for. I am very understanding and know that in our work things come up professionally and personally that cannot be avoided. We can still make this happen for the kids and represent the club.
  10. Thank you all for your continued support of Kids Café!
Kids Café is located at:
3381 Gorham Ave
                  St Louis Park, MN 55426                     


We aim for the 2nd Tuesday of each month during the school year. between the school schedule and any programming conflicts, the ACF adjusts with the program directors. Please make sure that you are available for the date that you sign up for.

For more information on Perspectives, simply click on the logo. It will take you to their website.

If you’d like to volunteer outside of the dates that the American Culinary Federation Minneapolis Chef’s Chapter is scheduled to be there, please do so. You can contact the Chef and Child Chair, Chef Patrick Conway at If you’d like a more direct contact, you are welcome to contact Chef Donnie or Kay Guidarelli. You can reach her via phone (952)-926-2600 ext. 2516 or by email, or Volunteer Coordinator Kaylie Burns-Gahagan



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