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Learning Begins at Breakfast

Welcome to an event that matches the knowledge of a chef in a kitchen with the needs of our kid’s eating habits. Here is an opportunity for ACF chefs to make an enormous impact on the future of our children’s health.

Learning Begins at Breakfast is an interactive nutrition program designed for third-grade students. 
Its goal is to teach children proper nutrition through the making of a breakfast parfait.  The program incorporates messaging on the major food groups and portion control in an entertaining, age appropriate style.  Learning Begins at Breakfast was developed by the ACF Minneapolis Chef’s Chapter and the American Heart Association/Twin Cities, a leader in the fight against childhood obesity.

Program Mission

•To educate children and families in understanding nutrition components through a community-based initiative led by ACF chef members. 
•To be the voice of the culinary industry in its fight against childhood hunger, malnutrition and obesity. 
•To promote, encourage and stimulate an awareness of proper nutrition in school-aged children.  

Any ACF Chapter than want's to participate in this program is encouraged to contact their local American Heart Association Chapter. Working with them you decide on how many students/ schools you would like to make an impact with. Contact the schools and set the dates. 
Then work with your local vendors to secure fruit, cereal and yogurt for the event. Our chapter has been able to get these donated for the last 3 years. 
Cups for the parfaits can be ordered with your chapter logo on it and measurements on the side for teaching the students how much cereal, fruit and yogurt to add to make their healthy breakfast parfait. Contact MTC, Inc to order them. Our chapter has also supplied chef hats to the students. They really enjoy getting to wear a chef hat home at the end of the day.
Learning Begins at Breakfast Script


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