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    • 18 Mar 2019
    • 20 May 2019
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      2 Kids Cafe Volunteers Needed!

    March 18th, Sign up today! The Kids need us!

    This is our monthly dinner held by members of our chapter.

    It is the responsibility of the Volunteer Chefs to procure meal items to prepare their planned menu. Use your resources and the club to help. Chef and Child Chair Jeremiah T Lanes is available to help and can be reached at Or you can reach out to Chef Dan at (952)-926-2600 ext. 2518 or at 

    You are preparing a meal for approximately 65-75 people, this is not only for the children within the program, but also volunteers as well. You will have children volunteers ages 5-13, please be prepared for that. They may not always be available, just communicate with Chef Dan to be aware. The kids are willing to learn, just be patient and aware of them within the kitchen. Prepare for anything and expect everything when it comes to children.

    Food is served at 5:30pm sharp. Please be plated and ready for service at that time. Dependent on your menu, volunteers and space are available for you. Recommended time to plate is 5-5:15pm to be completed by 5:30pm ready to serve blanket service to the children. They only have 20 minutes to eat, so time is critical. Please be aware of these time lines.

    Please contact Chef Dan at Perspectives with your menu at 952-926-2600. We must meet any ad all National Nutritional guidelines set for the program at Kids Cafe. Chef Dan will go over your menu with you to make sure it is in accordance.

    Please contact Chef Jeremiah Lanes at jeremiah.lanes@gmail.comfor more information if needed.

    • 30 Apr 2019
    • 5:30 PM
    • Sysco Minnesota 2400 County Rd J, St Paul, MN 55112

    This months meeting will be held April 30,2019 at:

    Sysco Minnesota: 
    2400 County Rd J, St Paul, MN 55112

    Education for the meeting will be provided by:

    Scott Thole:

    "what happens when you cant be a chef anymore?"

    and a Food Demo

    By Chef Peter Burke of Sysco Minnesota

    • 5:30pm  Meet and Greet
    • 6:00pm  Education
    • 6:30pm  Meal
    • 7:00pm  General Meeting

    Please register online at to ensure a seat as we do have limited seating available.


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