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If You should find yourself feeling like you need someone to talk to here are some resources for you to use!

  • just made an online course discussing mental health in restaurants. A section on anxiety and depression is coming out Monday, followed by one on Substance Use on the 16th. I took the first two sections on basics and trauma, and I'm jealous. I wish I had made this online course happen. It's basically, everything I have been training for.
  •  COUNSELING SERVICES ARE COMPLETELY FREE AND ANONYMOUS. Walk-In is a non-profit, non-religious organization supported by donations and grants. All of our professional counselors volunteer their time. Due to COVID-19, all clinics are now phone-in or log-in only. Counseling is for individuals, couples, or families.

Online platforms for Chef-Mental Health-Recovery support includes CHOW. Monday evenings at 7pm CST. Zoom Code 815-1012-1089

Ben's Friends, there are several chapters around the US, best to go to their website and choose one:

Facebook Groups/Podcast

Last Call

Industry in Recovery


Chefs With Issues

86'd a Culinary Collision (Milwaukee)

Hospitality Family

86's Straight Dialogue with Restaurant Leaders

Best Served Podcast

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